Friday, November 25, 2011

Freezer Paper Stencil Tutorial- Georgia Peach State Shirt

Another one of my most used techniques.  I love this.  The possibilities are so endless and you can make this as easy or as hard as you want.

So its pretty simple.  Grab some Freezer paper.  Yep...freezer paper.  It is in by the plastic wrap and the tin foil, and wax paper at the store. 
Also, grab your craft knife, scissors aren't the best for this project, too many small details.

1. draw out your design, or print something from your clip art.  This is fun, so get creative
2. get your freezer paper and craft knife out along with your cutting mat.
3. trace your design onto the dull side of the freezer paper, make any adjustments you need to to the you can see I did.

Start cutting out the smaller peices, here I started with the letters, when they are cut out, set them on your sketch paper with your design on it so you know where each peice is supposed to lay.  Use it as a map.

Then take your freezer paper design and iron shiny side down to your fabric.  This makes it stick to the fabric, but will easily peel off when your finished.  Make sure you get all edges really good so there is now paint seeping/bleeding.  Especially  on the letters. 

Now grab your premanent fabric paint and make your colors.  Using a sponge brush, lightly dab over any small peices, such as the letters, stroking motions can lift the letters off the fabric, then your screwed.

make sure if your not going for a distressed finished, that you have covered each area with paint.  Let dry about 20 minutes or so.  Then turn inside out and Heat seal it with an iron, or throw it in your dryer for a couple minutes.

see how awesome??  I loved doing this design.  I am adding it to my state shirt collection.  Thanks to Jennifer for the custom order.  She liked my AZ state onesie and asked to do this for her baby,  they live in Georgia. 


  1. Thanks for creating it for us! Can't wait to get B in it!

  2. Hey I googled your freezer paper technique and it came right up! Making my boys BYU and ASU tshirts for WAY cheaper than the book stores can offer! Thank you for posting!