Thursday, September 13, 2012

Barbie Bed and Bedding-Handmade Christmas

I am so excited to get started on the girls Christmas stuff.  I am doing a bunch of barbie stuff, like the dresses i made HERE.  In addition to those sweet dresses, I am making a doll house and furnature.  Today it is the Bedding!!!  Oh i love it.
All of this fun stuff has come from inspiration from this sweet Doll House I pinned on Pinterest!! HERE.  She has done the most creative Doll house I have ever seen!  I will be making the doll house as well.

This will be basically a small pillow style bed.  so cut two peices of 8x11 inches fabric.

Sew together leaving a couple inch opening so you can stuff with Poly fill.

sew the opening closed using a top stitch.  simple :)

Now for the pillows, cut 3x4 inch squares.  Sew right sides together, turn inside out, stuff and stitch closed.

For the bed spread, cut fabric so it is just going over the edges of the bed.  Add any decoration you wish.  I loved this,  I am kind of making my dream bedroom miniature style.  So get your interior design juices flowing!!!

wasn't that fun?  I can't wait to make the other bed for my other daughter.  Ohhh the endless possibilitites!

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