Monday, September 17, 2012

Easy Toy Sinch Bag

I have made many variations of these bags.  They are simple and super handy.  They are great to put birthday gifts in, toys, toy cars, army men, nerf gun stuff, paper dolls...anything.  I had made paper dolls for my daughters birthday this year and had this handy bag to go along with it. 

So once you have determined what will be going inside your bag, cut two squares the size you want.

Sew right sides together leaving the top open.

using your botton whole foot, designate the center top of one of the sides of the bag and mark.

create two medium to large button holes beside one another.

carefully use your seam ripper to cut in between the stitches of your button holes to make them open.

make a casing by folding the opening down so your folding in the middle of the button holes. 

sew all the way around the edge. 

grab some t shirt scraps or ribbon, rope...whatever. 

Run it through one button hole and out the other

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