Saturday, September 22, 2012

Barbie Chair & Ottoman

Loooved doing this.  I can't wait to make the other stuff.  I love adding to my Barbie collection.  The dresses and the beds are just a couple other things I have made for miss Barbie.  Actually its mostly Disney Princess "barbies" at my house.  So wether its Barbie and the Popstar or Cinderella...This will work!

I purchased some foam blocks from the dollar store.  Cut them using a knif into the shafe I wanted.  This is a messy way to go around doing it, so if foam dust aint your thing, use card board!  I covered my chair in a random way that is why I didn't show any pictures.  I just made sure no foam was showing and since I used a chevron print, I made sure it was straight and aligned correctly.  Use Hot glue to secure everywhere.  You don't want picky fingers to peel apart your materpeice.

For the ottoman, I used the foam peice I cut out of the chair.  Make a pillow out of scrap fabric that will fit the top of the foam.

Choose your coordinating fabric to the chair and cut a large square that will fit completely around the ottoman. 

Using your hot glue, wrap it up like a present!  Don't pull too tight though cause you don't want to flatten your cushion too much.

Make a cute pillow for your chair and hot glue it securly to the chair.  You don't want to lose thing cute things.

I had a left over doiley so that will serve as a rug.  Cute huh??