Monday, September 3, 2012

Ruffled Baby Legs tutorial

I have had this fabric for some time now and I have done various things with it.  It dawned on my while going through my shop inventory that I could make baby legs! Sweet!  Really simple too!  You can purchase from Ruffle Fabric, Etsy, or Hobby Lobby and Sass.  They have it for really cheap.  But plan on spending around $15/yard online.  I have made bloomers and dresses with this stuff and it is fantastic.  I made myself a wonderful white cocktail dress for a White Party wedding rehearsal Dinner this summer.  It is amazing stuff!  So you will thouroughly enjoy every bit!

Now since this stuff isn't as stretchy as sock baby legs, you will need to do measurments for different size kids.  If it is too tight on the leg then the ruffles will just curls up and they wont be ruffly.
So cut your two measured peices.  I did these for newborn size. 5x8 inches each
Making sure all teh ruffles are headed the same direction, pin in place.  If you wanted to pin each ruffle even that would insure that you would have a stray ruffle.

Use a small zig zag so it has room to stretch.

cute huh?

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