Thursday, September 25, 2014

DIY Yoga Pants

We have seen them all over and they are killer cute!  We have enjoyed some crazy printed maxi skirts and have loved them because they are the comfort of pants but dressy enough for outings, now we have these cute pants.  I love these because you can wear them with a cute top, not just a t shirt, because of the fun and wild prints they come in.  I have been wanting to make some for a while, cause with my 6 foot tall body, pants don't fit me right.  Again I take matters into my own hands and solve my tall girl problems.  Just like the maxi skirts, I knew these was a must for me.  So Today I decided to finally do it.  I have a ton of fabric left over from my summer maxi skirts just itching to be cut up.  So I did it.  And I thought I would share with you all as well. 

What you will need:
2 yards of light weight cotton lycra.  I bought mine HERE
a pair of pants you already like the fit of
serger/sewing machine with zig zag

With the right sides together, fold the fabric, then again.  Place the long side of your pants right on the fold.

You will only be cutting on the crotch side.  Cut and follow the pattern of your pants.  Depending on how stretchy your fabric is, you may want to take the seams in.  I had to cause my fabric was more stretchy than my pants I used as a pattern.

Then cut your waist band the same way you did the pants and 15 inches long.

Now unfold your waistband so you have the front and back pieces.  Sew the two sides together on each side seam.

Now unfold your pants so they look like this.  Sew up each crotch ( the short curved sides).

 now turn your pants so those seams you just did are now in the middle and line up your pant legs.

sew from the bottom of one leg up through the crotch and back down the other side.  Trim the bottoms incase it is uneven.  I left my bottoms a free edge since it is such light weight fabric and it doesn't fray.  Then take your waist band and fold it so the wrong sides are together making a tube.  Take the edges and place them inside the waist of the pants lining them up.  Sew/serge the waistband to the pants.  This will be your fold over waist band.  And you are done!  How awesome.  This was even quicker than making the maxi skirts because I didn't have to hem.  These are so comfy and cute and LONG!  Yay!


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