Monday, September 15, 2014

Meet Emily- The Banner Shoppe

I am so blessed to be surrounded by such talented business owners and creatives.  Meet Emily from the cuteness we all know as The Banner Shoppe.  Amazing tasseled banners and burlap goodness.  Her accessories are the perfect touch to any occasion.  I even shot her a picture of my creative space (or the lack of décor) and said "I need you".  She of course is willing to beautify my space and I am excited for it.  I have one of her burlap patriotic banners I love so much.  Goes right along with my rustic theme.  She is a ton of fun and hilarious.  So I want you to meet her!

So, Emily!  How did you come up with your business name, The Banner Shoppe?
  *I started making banners about 5 years ago, and selling them in boutiques around Phoenix, but never really had a name for them.  Many times I would be working in my kitchen during the day and friends would pop in.  I would say to them "Come in the the Banner Shop!" to hopefully get them to over look my messes!  When it came time to put them online, it seemed pretty fitting to call it The Banner Shoppe!

What is your background in Fashion?
  *I have no background in fashion.  People like me, who have no skills in that area, hire the professionals to help them along.  Ha ha!!

What colors do you just swoon over every time you see them?
  *Red and Teal, or Pink and Gold!

What is your ideal "me time"?
  * While I wish there was more "me time" to go around, I really love sitting y the side of a pool with a Diet Coke in my hand.  No books, No music, just the quiet.  I also write a family blog, and if I have the little spare time, I love to write about the happenings of my family and my children!  Makes me feel a little more productive while relaxing!

Now don't forget to you Phoenix Locals, Emily and her banners will be at Junk in the Trunk in just a few days on the 20th!!  So be sure to follow her Facebook and or Instagram for details and such!


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