Monday, September 8, 2014

Henny & Coco!

Meet Jennifer of Henny & Coco.  I met her in March at Phoenix Flea, an amazing market for all things vintage, art and crafts, fashion and food.  We hit it off immediately and exchanged numbers and because Facebook besties.  We met for lunch soon after to get to know each other and I have loved every little part of her since.  She is beautiful, kind, creative, outgoing and fun. 
  Jennifer is the creator of the cute and stunning little company, Henny & Coco.  A great shop for girly things and pretties.  Her blog has fun fashion tips and DIYs.  Her stuff is sweet and refreshing.  Just like her.  We have been wanting to collab more together and get our businesses mingling with each other so I though doing a little fun conversation would be a great start. 
 Look at her amazing photos and read the fun interview.  Enjoy!

How did you come up with your business name?
  *Henny is my son’s nickname since birth and Coco is an alter ego Coco Chanel! 

Ha ha that's awesome.  I wish I had an alter ego.

What is your background in fashion?
   *I studied fashion design / merchandising in LA and have always been in love with anything to do with children’s fashion and trends from threads to goods.

So then in your studies, what information do you think you pull from the most

What colors do you just swoon over every time you see them?  
   *Funny question, I am such a classic girl.  I love black,whites and camel colors!!!

What is you favorite vacation spot? 

    *I love the Grand Del Mar in Del Mar, CA… it is gorgeous beyond words!

What is your ideal "me time”?  

    *Going to the spa for the day… I love quality me time  and try to make it happen often to keep myself on the right track as a wife, mommy, and business owner. 

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