Thursday, October 9, 2014

Meet Alisa the inspiration

A while back I was feeling inspired by the so many special people around me so I hosted a special giveaway.  Remember?  When I asked you to nominate someone who gave everything they had when they hardly had anything themselves.  Do you know someone who always has a smile on their face even when times are tough?  Remember that one?  I read through so many nominations it was hard to pick.  I would like to share a few of them with you today.  Thy all deserve to be heard.  They are all inspiring.  I am going to do several posts with these inspirational nominations until they all have been heard.  There are so many that would be one long blog post.

Here is the winner I chose.  All the stories were wonderful but for some reason I couldn't shake this one out of my head at the time.  I even dreamt about her.  Here is her story:
 -@steph2ortiz said: Alisa is a very close family friend of mine.  She is a single mom to three girls.  She  used to work as a pediatric nurse in the cancer unit.  After seeing pictures of her and her patients, I know they looked at her like their own mommy.  She has struggles with kidney failure since she was a young girl herself she was been through countless kidney surgeries in and out of the hospital day in and day out. Over six months ago she had her only remaining kidney removed and with that was promised a new kidney within 8 weeks now over o8 months later she still has no kidney and is struggling to survive living off of dialysis.  She basically lives in the hospital because dialysis makes her so ill.  Every time she gets ready for a transplant something happens such as a serious infection in her body blood clots on the lungs and various other things that keep pushing her back.  Tuesday night she received a phone call that she would no longer be eligible for a transplant in her case is now closed and is never to be reopened.  She will now live the rest of her life on dialysis struggling each and every day while trying to raise her three girls.  The amazing thing is her faith in God.  She still continues to put Him first and knows that this life was chosen for her by him for a reason.  Alisa is such a special person and can light up a room with her positive energy.  She struggles day in and day out to strive to live the fullest life she can.> I think she could use some serious pampering!

It has been hard to coordinate our special day.  I still haven't met her in person, but I was able to give her a "be The Change" hoodie so far.  We are still trying to give her the shopping spree she deserves and her pedicure!  I just received news from Steph that she went to a meeting for a transplant wearing her tee and they found her eligible and moved her to the top of the transplant list, ready for the next transplant to arrive!  I am sure that they saw her shirt and  knew ;)  I will keep you updated on Alisa's story.  Keep her in your thoughts and prayers!
Here she is in front of the Hospital after her meeting!  Way to go Alisa!!!

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