Tuesday, October 14, 2014


  That time is year is here where all things spooky just make me so happy and melt my heart.  Have you ever met someone with such a love and passion for Halloween?  I have almost met my match with my brother in law who also shares my love for Halloween and going all out with the decorations.  Some day Eric, You can I will be together and create the most amazing haunt EVERRR!!!  I have done a few Haunted Houses and let me tell ya.  It is one of the funnest things to be a part of and better...be in charge of.  I often have to remind people that I am a normal Mormon mother of 3 who just happens to be in love with all things spooky, haunting and scary.  That's normal right?  Right! 

  So here is a look back on some props I have done.  I have learned to love paper mache and realized you can do just about anything with it!!  Some of these have tutorials so feel free to click on over to see how I did them.  I do enjoy making everything from start to finish.  I am one who hates spending too much time on a craft, but this.  This people, I can spend hours.  I enjoy using things from the house to make amazing props.  It doesn't have to be expensive.  Now that I have made some pretty awesome props, I feel let down when I go to the Spirit Store.  Their props are just so unrealistic and the money is enough to make anyone jump their grave and run. 

  Since I have no show in October, I plan on haunting my house/yard out to the extreme and feature some new props!  If you want to see what I really love head to my Halloween board HERE.  Disclaimer:::There are some scare images so if you are one to surf pinterest with your little, don't invite her to see my board.  She WILL have nightmares.  ALSO I do enjoy scaring people.  Little kids too, but I don't take it too far...I always reveal myself after I scare someone.  And as far as my children my girls love it.  They know I love this and they enjoy helping me with props.  If you don't like it then move on.  Don't look at my Pinterest feed for the month of October or unfollow my Halloween Board.  Don't leave rude comments.  Thank you.


My Grudge Chick (this is a link to my facebook for a video.  Hopefully it will work! Basically I did another paper mache mask and painted it for hours to get the detail right.)

This is about as "cute-sie" I get with décor.


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