Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October 7th National Frappe Day...Wait there's a day for that?

I had no idea there were days where nationally we recognized silly things like lipstick or coffee.  But hey!  Why not?  It is fun to unite as a country and indulge in frivolous activities or recognize certain people in our lives.  Its fun.  And since I never seem to know when they are coming, just from going through my Instagram feed and someone everyone else knows its national ice cream day.  I'm like "what the H? How do these people find out about this crap?"  So figured there was a website.  Yep!  Www.NationaldayCalendar.com Has it organized in months.  Not only are there months that recognize things like "National Sewing Month" or "Breast Cancer Awareness month" but there is a detailed explanation for how the "holiday" if you will, came about.  There is something recognized almost every day of the year.  What??  Some of them are silly but some are pretty good and I am glad that I decided to investigate this mystery.  Here are a list of some of my favorites!

4th- Spaghetti Day, and my birthday :)
5th- Whipped Cream Day
15th- Hat Day
16th- Religious Freedom day
19th- Popcorn Day
26th- Ellen Deg. Day

14th- Organ Donor Day
17th- Random Act of Kindness Day (I will definitely  be celebrating this one)

2nd- Walking Day
7th- No Housework Day
10th- Siblings Day
11th- Pet Day
30th- Hairstylist Appreciation Day (HECK YA!)

9th Birth Mother Day

1st- Bare-foot Day
first Sunday of June- Cancer Survivor Day

The list goes on and on!  I think I am going to make a cute printout of my favorites and share with you all so ya'll know ahead of time before you hit up your IG feed and realize your the only human who didn't know that it was National Corn Dog day.  lol.  You can thank me later!!

If you would like to celebrate today with a yummy Frappe, don't you fret.  They have links to some yummy recipes for you to try HERE.

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