Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Meet Erin Stewart

This one is very personal to me.  Having met Erin about 5 1/2 years ago, I knew she was special.  She fell in love with one of my best friends and they got married.  I have enjoyed getting to know her over these past years and love that I consider her "family".  My husband and her husband have been best friends since high school and have supported each other through thick and thin since.  Now, she is a mom of three, a wife to a hard working man who is living with leukemia and getting her business off the ground.  Meet Erin Stewart of www.erinstewart.com .  She conducts interviews with CEOs of major companies and other entrepreneurs. 

*What made you want to work with other entrepreneurs?
-  I didn't really grow up in a family of entrepreneurs.  My parents and siblings have the "go to school, get an education, get a job" mindset.  There is nothing wrong with that, we need folks who are willing to work for others.  but I found out through several years and several jobs that I didn't' fit that mold.  I wanted to create something. It took me a long time to figure out what.  And even now that I know what I want to do, I still have ides about other ventured or products and my husband will have to rein me back in to help keep me focused.  I think non stop about business.  I even dream about business.  So I love the idea of rubbing shoulders with people who think like I do, who want to create things and put their heart and soul into it and put it out there in the marketplace. 

*What is your background in business?
-I took a few entrepreneurial classes, but that is about it. I've learned through doing it, and I am still learning. I don't think I will ever be done learning.  I started my life as an entrepreneur in 2007 and have been on a roller coaster of ups and downs, but I'd rather be doing this than punching a clock.

*In this society, we moms feel a lot of pressure.  What are some of the pressures you feel when juggling mommy-hood and your business?
-Whew.  Juggling life as an entrepreneur and life as a wife, mother and home maker is difficult.  I have three kids: 31/2, 2, and a baby that is a few months old.  I often find myself ignoring or at least miss prioritizing one thing or another.  It used to be a matter of not having a calendar and dedicating time to work, and time for my family and I know I have to pout it down at a certain time to start on dinner or the kids won't get to bed on time.  I'm still working out kinks in the schedule, especially with a newborn, but I'm more productive now, and feel like I have more quality time with my family and am more productive because of making the calendar.

*What is the best remedy for your to shut out the world and regroup your inner-self?
- this is my biggest weakness.  I don't think I've done something to recoup for years. I went through quite a lot in the last few years and just have not taken the time to enjoy the things I used to.  Which is actually really ironic because I have a bachelors degree in recreation and in know the importance of getting out and doing what you love to regroup and strengthen yourself and your resolve.  but with having three kids, starting a business, having my husband laid off from his job and get cancer within two weeks of each other, and a few other trials, I don't' feel like I've had time (or more accurately MADE time) to go out and play.  Now that he is in remission (miracles happen!) and life is a little back to normal, I have taken a few weekends off- we've gone camping and on a few road trips which were greatly needed.  Another difficulty for me to get out and do things I love that help me regroup...I don't have horses.  I worked with horses for 5/6 years- I even have a degree in horsemanship- and I love to ride and train horses.  but when we got married we didn't have the space or the means to won a horse.  It's about time to get back in the saddle.

*What's on your Netflix?
-How it's Made.  As a entrepreneur/inventor that shouldn't surprise you!  I like watching Dirty Jobs too. But the girl in me likes North and South and Heartland.

*What is the best piece of advise you have received in life that you can share with our readers?
-two things:
 1. Quit if you want to; there are a million other things of value you could be doing. 
 2. Don't live in the past.  Slap yourself on the forehead, roll your eyes, say "what was I thinking?" then move on.  Mistakes are made, but they don't define you.  Your thoughts and actions do, so think good about yourself and do good unto all.

Wow she is inspiring isn't she?  She is a blessing in my life and I am so glad I know her and we have our businesses in common.  Make sure you head to her site and see what else she has in store.  HERE.

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