Friday, December 7, 2012

Baby Doll Car Seat Cover- Handmade Christmas

Continuing my handmade Christmas for my girls, I just decided today to make a car seat cover for Bella's baby car seat.  She has been walking around pushing the carseat either in her shopping cart or the stroller with her blanket draped over it.  She is quite the little mother and definately will be a fantastic baby sitter when she is older.  She loves all babies that she sees and asks to "pet" them.  So sweet.  She is also a little bossy,  I have to remind her constantly when we are around other kids to "relax" and "you're not the Mommy".  Bless her heart, it is going to be easy to make her stuff to go with her baby this year.  Tonight along with this cute project, I made a little miniature flannel blanket and matching mini burp cloths.  So cute.  Okay here we go.

First you will want to cut two coordinating fabrics roughly 19x27 inches.  Its a little larger than a fat quarter.  i got excited at first thinking I could just use some of the fat quarters I already have cut, but it was a tad too small.  darn.

Right sides in, sew 1/4 inch SA leaving an opening wide enough for your hand to fit it so you can turn it out.

Once sewn, turn it right side out, making sure the corners are all the way turned.  Then iron it nicely.  Then do a top stitch all the way around the cover 1/8 in SA sewing up the opening as well.

next cut four peices of fabric measureing 3x5 inches.  right sides together, sew two peices leaving a  2 inch opening.  Turn them right side out and Iron flat.

Do a top stitch 1/8 in SA closing the opeining.

Next place the cover on the little car seat measureing on the handle where you will attach the straps.  Make sure the cover is layed on there evenly before you mark, pin and sew.

Place the straps on the cover just to make sure...

Apply  your velcro.  One on each side ;)

Replace the straps where you marked with pins and sew down the center of the strap sewing it to the cover.

And there you have it.  How easy!  You may just want to make more, for your pregnant girlfriends!  They are super easy and fast.  I would say this is a 20 minute or so project for a advanced sewer, then 30-40 maybe for a beginner.  It is really simple.  A great first project that could be fantastic for toys or realy babies!

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