Saturday, December 22, 2012

DIY Barbie House! Brilliant!

So after hearing about a barbie house for the past year from my girls, I was on the search.  Here is my dilema with making that big purchase!  Too Big and I dont' want to spend that much money on a toy.  Plus They aren't that cute anyway in my opinion.  Who wouldn't want to design their dream house in a miniature version? Awesome right!  I am so glad I found this pin HERE on Pinterest.  This gal was thinkin!

Here is what you use! 
Mod Podge
Magazines IKEA and BB& Beyond were quite useful!
This is so wonderful cause when they are done, they fold it up and put the furnature in a bin!  EASY!

I started out just doing bedrooms for the girls. 
I did a tutorial HERE
and found this one HERE on pinterest.

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