Wednesday, December 19, 2012

DIY Mini Christmas Trees & Chalkboard Idea

Merry Christmas!
It's almost here!  I am so excited on so many different levels.  Yay!  This week, now that I am done with Christmas orders of Boot Cuffs, I am getting some last minute crafting in.  I have been making tons of trees if you follow my FB page, then you have seen my other ones.  I wanted some smaller ones to put on this shelf above my tv and to go with my new garland and Chalboard art.
This year, I am transitioning to a new decorating theme.  "White Christmas".  Maybe its because I haven't seen snow in a while, maybe cause I am sick of the bright colors of decor I have had for the past 6 years, maybe its because I am again turning into my mother and wanting my house to look "pretty" for Christmas.  Either way, it's happening. 
I have seen so many pretty Mantel Decoration ideas on pinterest.  Along with different chalkboard art.  I love that I can change what it says every year as well as the rustic vintage feel the smeared old erased chalk gives.  and the white chalk just adds the white to my "White Christmas"

So I am going to share a little trick with you about burlap I learned from the lady at the cut counter. 

To gather, simple pull one of the threads a few rows down, and pull gently while moving the gather further down the strip of burlap!  Don't use your machine to may be going through quite a few needles.

Make a cone.  I found how to do so HERE using cereal boxes and poster board.  You can make each tree pretty much for a dollar if you find your supplies from the dollar store and use cereal boxes.  What's better than Beautiful Handmade Christmas decorations?  CHEEP Beautiful Handmade Christmas Decorations. 
After Gathering the burlap, start at the bottom of your cone and glue it in a spiral fashion. 

If you want to alternate fabrics, do it in rows.

work your way to the top!



  1. So pretty! Your mantle looks great! Yes, I think we are both turning into our mothers. :) I have four trees but I'm so inspired to make some more! I love the ruffles!
    And I'm always a sucker for some good chalkboard art. xx

  2. Thank you so much for your beautiful Star of Wonder chalkboard pinspiration! I have pinned this and also blogged it for my Walkabout Wednesday series. Chalkboard inspiration post here
    Hugs, antonella :-)