Thursday, December 20, 2012

NO SEW Bussled Burlap Christmas Tree Skirt

see that pretty thing?  Remember the trick I learned from the lady at the cut counter with the burlap?  She inspired me.  Bussles! 
I used about 5 yards of burlap between the light color (4 yards) and the dark with polka dots (1 yard) for this skirt. 
I also used the skirt I already had as the underpart.  Perfect right?  This skirt is the standard 48 inches. 
Grab your Hot Glue Gun.  That's right!  No SEWING!!!!  A craft for everyone!

So after cutting strips of burlap roughly about 10 wide and long enough to go to the edge of the skirt template, measure a few inches in on each side and grab a thread and pull, pushing the ruffle through the length of the burlap strip.  Do this to both sides.  This will make it nice and full in the center of the strip to make is bussley :)

Then start glueing it to the skirt in as many places as you can think of.

work your way around the entire skirt.  Lots of hot glue!  But good if your not a sewer cause this craft can be for you!

I finished off doing the contrasting burlap to cover the center.  I made it extra bussley so it could cover most of the fake tree stump.

All it took was about an hour!  I did the trees for my mantel and this skirt in a nap time!  Sweet, I'll take it!
Merry Christmas

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