Friday, December 6, 2013

Baby got new Wheels

Have you ever bought one of those baby strollers from the store?  the fabric on them rips in 2.5 seconds, especially when your kids insist on sitting in it when it is meant for a baby doll?  yep, you know then.  They are made with the thinnest cheapest cotton. Ours had been broken for a while.  So since I have little more time this season, Im getting things done.  I have quite a  few fat quarters laying around and they are perfect for small projects like these.  So here is how you do it.
Cut your original design piece by piece.  Cut the buckle straps as close to the edges as you can.  You will be reusing these, unless you want to make new ones. 

use the old pieces as a pattern and cut your new fabric out.  On the bottom piece (the rounded one), add a couple inches to the end of it cause you will fold it under. 

Have an impromptu photo with a kid...

Take the bottom piece and  on the rounded side, pin right sides together to the bigger piece (the back side of the seat) on the bottom.

see how that under piece is folded?  that is where it will attach to the bars on the seat part of the stroller

Fold those over and press. 

 sew a stitch 1/8 inch fro the fold right in the center, leaving at least 2 inches on each end open.

 Starting at one end using 1/4 inch seam allowance, sew together where you have pinned, ending on the other side of the seat.

 Now using a contrasting fabric, cut some strips to make bias tape.  I cut mine about 2 inches wide and the length of the two long sides adding about 4 inches for the loops at the end, and the other the same length as the top.
To make bias tape, fold each long end 1/4 inch and press, then fold in half again and press.
 Starting with the center top piece apply your bias tape with the seat fabric inside the bias tape, pic and sew.

 Apply the long pieced bias tapes to each side with the extra length at the top.  Sew a top stitch.  add in the belt buckles when you get towards where they should go and sew them in.

 fold over the loops, pin and sew.

 add the bias tape to the bottom and the center buckle strap and pin and sew.

 Your done!  Put it on the stroller and get a rollen!  This will last you forever compared to the one that came with the stroller.  heck, I should start selling these in the shop!

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