Monday, December 16, 2013

Hello You!!

Have you seen my new design?   I decided to make something fast and chic that was very affordable to add to my inventory.  These are exactly what I have been looking for.  I am so glad that I started to make these.  They have been a hit.  Super stylish and versatile you can wear these drape cardigans as a scarf as well.  $12?  yep you got that right.  I will be adding new prints as the days and months go on.  These are a year round wear item.  Cool huh?
Now onto the other cool item down there.  The Nursing poncho.  I hate the word poncho, I need to come up with another word.  Anyway, they are a super trendy nursing blouse that allows you to nurse in public with out drawing attention to yourself.  These cute covers come in sweet colors and prints that you might wear any way.  They cover the back side of you so your back or undergarments are not showing.  These can also be worn as a shirt/blouse while your pregnant or even after baby in addition to a cool infinity scarf.  Just tuck and hide the corners.  Wanna buy one?  Hurry quick.  These are selling fast!  HEad on over to my store and get yours today!!

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