Friday, December 13, 2013

Mini Baby Boppy

I am having so much fun making stuff for sweet Bella Rose.  She is such a nurturer.  So when I stepped into Greyson's room to put something away and found her baby doll on my Boppy Pillow, I knew I must make her one.  I made it to fit her bigger baby that she plays with the most, not this little baby that happened to be next to me while taking pictures.

picked out 2 fat quarter fabrics, pressed them out nice and folded them in half.  I then drew the shape of half of a boppy.

Cut it out and unfold.

Sew around the entire thing leaving a few inches opening on one of the sides.

Stuff Stuff and Stuff.  Then hand sew the opening shut.

I love using fat quarters!

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