Monday, June 2, 2014

My summer must haves

If I get stranded on an island this summer or ever in my life,(would that really be so bad?) I am gonna need a few things. Or if I am just headed to the local water park for my weekly visit then I know I'm set. I have always been simple. Don't get me wrong. This gal can glam it up with the best of them but every day, I like quick easy everything. I'm very casual in everything I do. I like to spice things up here and there occasionally in the accessory department but over all I am a laid back Phoenix gal who loves the sun. Over the last year I have come a cross things that I really love. Things I know I NEED. I know this cause I don't even hesitate when purchasing. Some things have not been purchased yet, but my plans are to before summer is over.

1. 31 bits. This is an amazing company with a purpose. They employ these beautiful sweet women if Uganda to design the awesome rolled paper beads and make very trendy edgy high end peices. Their bracelets are to die for. The best thing about this (the second best thing) is that there is something in every price range. So this little bracelet will be on my wrist ASAP. I already have one that I got in a swag bag. I wear it pretty much every day especially when I wear my be the change tee.

2. Stunning by Design Handbag. Let me just tell you that Queena is a sweet and amazingly talented woman. She makes amazing accessories for ladies and their minis. This bag she mad is like the best thing ever. It opens so wide that you can find the smallest thing that seemed to disappear in the black hole of your purse because you can lay it on the counter and completely open it up and find what you need with no problem. I need that. Too many bad words come out of my mouth when I am trying to find something in my purse.

3. Jamberry nails. If you haven't heard of them then where have you been? These are cool nail decals that come in hue coolest prints. It is a heat set wrap you apply in seconds and it lasts a few weeks. I like having one accent nail. I purchased 1 pack for $20 at my last event and it will last me a life time. It comes with enough for fingers and toes. Super awesome.

4. Tinted moisturizer with SPF. MY NEW FAVORITE THING. I am such a wash and go gal. I don't go time for that crap. How many of you have heard me say that over and over about various things in my life? I'm guessing a lot of you are raising your hands. Gettin ready on a daily basis in Arizona in 115 DEGREE WEATHER is insane. So if I can look a little bit put together before I hit the pool or go out for the day while protecting my skin that has all of a sudden aged whe I hit 30 a couple months ago, then sign me up. It gives a beautiful glow while still showing your natural skin. It's not total coverage so I still feel like I see me in huge mirror and not the makeup cosmetic version of myself. It's real. I know of a couple great MARY KAY gals if you need a rep :)

5. A Rad hat. Yes. Everyone needs this. It's a great must have for any day of the week. I went swimming the other day and wore my new floral baseball hat from target. My eyes are very sensitive in the summer time. The heat and the bright light just kills me and I can barely see even with sunglasses. My eyes literally won't open. So I have learned that hats are awesome. Not only will they add extra protection for your beautiful face, but for your eyes too. And let's be honest. Who doesn't like the way they look when they have wet hair? We all look like a wet dog instead of Bo Derek right? So through a hat on And wrap the hair in a braid or throw it over one shoulder. Put your aviator shades on and your good to go.

6. All over makeup stick. Have you ever bought an e.l.f. Brand makeup product? You can purchase online or at target. It is fantastic makeup for ridiculous cheap. I like a lot of their stuff. I love their all over makeup stick. I have used it on my eyes and lips but mostly I put it as a highlighter on my cheek bones. It gives a phenomenal sun kissed glow when used with their contouring bronzing duo. Honey have a great nude lip, great all over shimmer powder, kabuki brush and others. I like them. The color of makeup stick I use is persimmon. Beautiful.

7. Now I'm gonna add one more in. Self tanning mist. This is gonna be great for your face. Since you are taking extra precautions not to damage your beautiful face, the. You know that our face ain't gonna be as tan as the rest of our body and we don't wanna look like we are about to pass out with too light of face makeup for our body. So spray that $&?! All over and make an even canvas. Make sure your eyebrows are done, those lips are moist and you may never need to add to much makeup for the rest of the summer.

I am excited to have my must haves. And I'll snap pics as I wear them. So make sure your following me on Facebook or Instagram.
What are your summer must haves for a care free and worry free summer?

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