Monday, June 2, 2014

summer glow makeup

Previously I talked about some summer must haves. Some makeup being one of them. I though I would share with you what my step by step process is. I use a few brands. These I have found are my favorite. And a recent conversation with a friend came to the conclusion that in most cases, the more you spend on your makeup, the better quality and it lasts longer. In most cases. I use bare minerals mostly. But I also have some major favorites from the e.l.f. Brand found at target.
1. Prep your face. Using some SPF moisturizer is going to be in your best interest and some eye firming cream.
2. Bare mineral powder foundation all over with my e.l.f. Kabuki brush. I love it. It is soon soft on the face and mine hasn't left hairs everywhere. Very well made brush for less than $5.
3. Contour with bronzer and blush duo from e.l.f.
4. Highlight cheek bone s by dabbing lightly and then rubbing to blend. It glows so pretty. The color is persimmon.
5. Eye shadow is bare minerals gold. This brings out my blue eyes. This eyeshadow is so good. It goes on beautifully and lasts all day.
6. Mirabella limitless lashes. This is a primer for your lashes that can only be bought at a professional beauty supply or salon that sells it. I have been using this brand for 10 years. It makes my lashes look 100 times fuller. So if you know a beautician, get the hook ups. It is usually sold in the supply stores that sell matrix, pureology, redkin products.
7. Eyebrows. Eyebrows. Eyebrows. You have heard me say it before. Wax those puppies on a regular basis. Color them in. It makes your whole face look put together even if you don't do the rest of your makeup at least do your brows. You'll thank me. I use NYC brow color with a brush.
Do this while the primer is drying on your lashes.
8. Cover girl lash blast very black. I love me so me mascara. Over the years I have had my favorites. Since they came out with lash blast that has been my favorite. I don't care for the other lash blast varieties they have come out with. I like he original in the orange tube. It goes on mama zing. And if you like a lot of mascara this rocks. If you coupon, you can get it for pennies at cvs.
9. Lips. I think the best nude lip for me is a little Chapstick and concealer. I have the elf nude lipstick but sometimes it's too orange looking. Depends on the color of my skin.

There you have it. All in all I can do my makeup in about 15 minutes if I'm not summoned by one of my little people I gave birth to.
My makeup bag is from bigsislilsis on etsy.

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