Thursday, June 19, 2014

Deal of the day

Welcome to my new segment called the "Deal of the Day". Here i will be featuring a product from my shop or another shop that will be discounted with a special coupon code just for you! Since this will be my first time, I will be featuring myself. I know I always do various things on Facebook and Instagram but I though It would be fun to highlight various parts of me so you can get to know me better as well as other small business owners. We love your support and think it is fun to know who it is your supporting.

So let me tell you a little about myself. I am six feet tall. I am originally from Washington. Vancouver to be exact and no, not Vancouver Canada, it is Washington, like right across the Columbia river from Oregon. I was raised there. Didn't really love the weather. I soaked every drop of sun in any chance I got. I had a paper route for The Columbian from 5th grade and in 8th I acquired a second route and did both until my junior year in high school. With that I learned what it was to have my own money. I learned responsibility.
During the short summers you could find me at various river s and streams lakes and ponds. I often spent my time on the river. Rubbing that baby oil on my skin getting that glow we all dreamed of as a teenager.
I played a lot of sports. Started out playing soccer then on to basketball then found my true passion of volleyball. I reserved my number 10 on my jersey after my sisters who played and had that number for 6 years. Sometimes we would refer to each ore as our number. I can still hear my good friend Erin saying, "way to go 10".
I am an artist. I specialize in children's portraits. Enjoy using good ole mechanical pencils, q tips, and rubber erasers when doing my peices. I have found a lot of joy in doing drawing for people and have made a few dollars doing so as well. I like all things creative. I do not enjoy tedious crafting like scrap booking and quilting and quiet books, I may poke my own eyeballs out with a rusty screw driver if someone asked me to do those things, but I appreciate them. I will happily purchase those gongs from someone else.
I have been married for almost 11 years. Good ones and hard but mostly awesome. I have found myself so many times in different ways from being married at a young age. I wouldn't trade it though.
I am a hairstylist. I have been since a young age. Licensed for 11 years though. It is a passion. I love creating beautiful hair. My favorite is when I can help someone for free and boost their confidence. I love being able to give back.
With that being said who else would like to give back? My deal to day is the BE THE CHANGE tees. Profits are donated to. Mothers without borders. Regularly $20 you can get yours for $18. Use the code BETHECHANGE in the shop at checkout. Offer good for 24 hours or while supplies last. So head over to the shop tab at the top of the page and get shopping :).

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