Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fun in the Sun!

Those of us living in Arizona know that the summers are hot! Hot can be miserable, unless we find just the right kind of activities to beat the heat! :) My little one is going to be THREE this summer. (wow, i can't believe how fast time flies). With a three year old, I definitely need to find fun and exciting activities to do with him. We got the annual passes to Wet n Wild, which is tons of fun! My son is finally 36" tall so he can ride some of the rides. I was shocked at how brave he was to go down the water slides by himself.
Just yesterday i was online and came across another deal for Arizona summer fun! Does your family enjoy Arizona Baseball Games, The Phoenix Zoo, Jump Street, the History Museum? Have you seen this incredible offer?

Thanks to The Centsable Shoppin' for posting this! What a great deal!! 
(Also, The Centsable Shoppin' has a ton of other deals and savings so check out her website! ) 

What other fun in the sun (or indoor) activities have you found for this summer!? Please share! We love to hear about all the excitement going on! :) 

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