Monday, June 30, 2014

What do I do with all my scraps?

That's one of my biggest concerns as a seamstress/crafter.  What DO I do with all those scraps?  There are those pieces of fabric that are too small to do anything major with, but they are too big to toss in the can, right?  I have bounced around with many things.  I have made burp cloths, appliques, fabric flowers, headbands and now even infant skirts and shorts.  But then there are still even more!  I love looking for ideas on our trusted Pinterest.  I scanned through my DIY Board HERE.  I forgot how many new ideas I had found over the past year or so.  So here are the ideas I find to be some of the coolest that really caught my eye when doing my search.  Some of which I have already started. 

Crazy Mom Quilts puts this sweet little quilt together with some cute scraps. I love that they are all different yet they compliment each other so well.
This pin didn't have a valid if you know who it belongs to please comment and tell me so I can link to them.  This is cute to get the kids involved.  Reuse some cardboard from that empty cereal box and cut out their initials.  Let them glue scraps of their choice on then once it dries, mom or dad can trim the edges off...maybe secure with a little mod podge? 
 Serving Pink Lemonade makes a great Paper Doll activity using all sorts of characters on paper.  This is awesome.  My daughters loooove creating with my scraps.  This is a great activity to add to the quiet time box.  Get that little fashion designer juices flowing in your mini.
Make a cool No SEW banner.  I have made a few of these for Christmas and Making one for my girls room. 
Craftinomicon Makes a cute memory game with scraps and felt.  This is so pretty to look at right?  I see a great Christmas gift here for lots of people. 
Oh this one is cool.  I have big plans for this.  I am loving maps and state cut outs of all sorts.  This is done on a tote, but I want to do it on a big piece of wooden board.  Mod podge it.  How cool would that be?  This is one that would probably take a little more time, but so worth it.  Totally a one of a kind.

And last but not least, Hand crafted cards.  This looks simple enough...simple cut out shapes, sewn onto craft card stock, and a little calligraphy?  Awesome. 
As you can see there are so many things you can do.  A lot can even be gifts.  So please before you toss your scraps or give them away, host a fun scrap craft night at your house and get everyone together and share your scraps and make some cool crafts.  Be sure to invite me:)
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Have a wonderful Day!!

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