Monday, July 21, 2014

Mom, Wife, Friend, Hairstylist, Business Owner. How do I do it?

So many people have asked me lately how I "do it?" 
1. How do I manage my time?
2. How do I sew all my inventory with three kids running around?
3. How do I still run a business, do hair, and have a social life?
4.  How do I still find time to do things that I want to do? 
I get asked these questions all the time.  But let me tell you a little secret.  It hasn't been easy.  Its better now than it was because I have learned a lot and set goals. 

A very close friends called me the other night asking me these questions.  Mind you, she just has her third baby just a couple of weeks ago.  She has such a business savvy mind set and has a very entrepreneurial personality.  She has recently launched a Radio Show (podcasts).  Timing had it that it all got swooped of the ground just before she had her baby. 

What was my answer?  Time management and organization.  I had to learn this one big time.  A few years ago, while battling Thyroid issues and other hormone problems that lead to a little depression, I asked my doctor for help.  He told me to schedule, schedule, schedule.  Schedule your laundry, your cleaning time, your shower/getting ready time, your relax time, your kid time, your grocery time.  I know that you may laugh a little, but I needed that.  My brain was so much on overload.  There were so many things I wanted to do besides being a mom and wife.  Why was I struggling?  Why I couldn't do it all and keep it together?  He told me to get a giant calander *the kind your school teacher had on her desk, Make a list of things that needed to get done for the week, prioritize them by what needed to be done at the beginning of the week and what could get done at the end of the week.  Some times our brains need to be told what to do instead of them telling us what to do. This allows for anxiety to be comforted and knowing that its okay, cause the floor is scheduled to be mopped on Friday.  This allowed me to relax, breath and Let it go a little.  It also gave me a sense of accomplishment.  I did it.  I did all the things on my list today and I still have more time, so I am gonna sit here and watch Pretty Little Liars on Netflix

My work week goes as follows during nap time.  Approx. 2 hours.
Monday, nap time order gathering/packaging and shipping
Tuesday: cutting out orders
Wednesday: Sewing orders/packaging
Thursday: Sewing/packaging
Friday: OFF
Saturday: Hair Appointments all day.

Now let me tell you.  I am a quick sewer.  I don't like tedious tasks and crafts and sewing projects that take a long time.  I like to start and finish in a simple sitting.  I am like that with my portrait drawing too.  I like to be able to finish them in a sitting of 1-2 hours.  I design my own patterns so there is no wasted time cutting unnecessary things and reading directions.  Since I have been making my products for a while I have great speed.  I do assembly line sewing.  Mellissa will come and work for a few hours a couple times a month.  I have things cut the day before or that morning.  I sit at my serger and put the pieces together, while she is at my sewing machine finishing and labeling each piece.  Because of this system, we are able to bust out so much.  I pay her per item she sews.  Usually it is $2/item.  The girl makes great money for just a couple hours of work. 

As far as other daily tasks and things that are required of me, I have made a chore chart organized by day, and week.  There are daily things my kids do such as, unload the dishwasher, set the table etc... then there are the weekly chores.  I chose Friday for our cleaning day since I don't work and that's what I grew up doing.  We start in the morning after breakfast as we are done by late morning or at lunch time.  We have time to go play.  I get the laundry (towels etc...) ran Thursday night so they are ready to be folded by the kids on Friday. 

This schedule has allowed me more freedom because I am not wasting time wondering what needs to be done each day.  Everything has its place. 

I made it my resolution that I was going to do more things that made me who I am.  Things that I have passions for that are not sewing or hairstyling.  I love to sing and play the guitar.  I used to write my music all the time.  but when you get out of it it gets tough, so I have been enjoying playing cover songs of some of the latest hits on the radio.  I love to draw.  I pull it out occasionally.  My portraits need to practiced more than once a year.  So I just need to take my pad and pencil with me to the park while the kids are playing instead of playing of my phone.  I love making my photobooks.  I have a great consultant who has introduced me to Heritage Makers.  I love documenting my life and my kids life.  They love to look at their books.  There are so many great things I want to do with it, I just need to set the time to do it.  Sundays are great for me. 

The most important thing I have learned is balance.  You can't be inspired and create if you don't live.  You have to live your life, and when you do it inspires you.
I haven't mastered this, but I have come a long way.  It makes me feel on top of the world to check things off a list.  I make my lists cute and I pin them to my wall in my studio so they are great to look at and I don't dread them.  I have a great sense of pride and accomplishment now that I set goals of having my LLC.  I feel unstoppable.  Its amazing when you write your goals down, things happen. 

So I encourage you.  If you are starting out in this business can be overwhelming the things you need to do to stand out.  Social media, blog, product, photography. etc...You can do it.  Organize and prioritize your time.  Its precious time, so make it count.  You Got this!!

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