Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Social media series part 1: creating a great profile and hashtags. How to use Instagram to up your business and stand out

I have enjoyed learning this great tool, Instagram. When I first signed up with it I really only thought it was a photo editing app. Had no idea there was a social aspect behind it until I saw notifications popping up and seeing my friends. I liked it much better than others and it was quicker and simpler. I needed that because of all the other things I was juggling.   I have learned a lot about Instagram. How to use hashtags, how to take simple GOOD photos with your smart phone and how to find others.

I love my Instagram community. It's a great network for small businesses. We support each other so much. We encourage shopping local, and know the value of a good product.

So I am going to give a brief little lesson on how to us IG for your business. Ask some questions and give some answers.  This will be a series of posts because of all the information I am giving to you. So please follow along as I post them. :)

-Instagram profile. You have an area where you can use a small picture. Most do their logo or a collage of items they sell.
  Your user name is how people will know you in the IG community. This is where you would put your business name, the your name is under that.
  Creat a brief and fun bio of who you are where your from and what you do. Change part of this occasionally and let other parts of your personality come out.
Link to your website. This is great because those of us who are trying to see where our shopping traffic is coming from this is awesome. It gets you a direct sale.

Hashtags:  These are using the # sign.  This puts a mark on your post and connects you to the rest of the IG world.  People who aren't already following you.  This is a great way to get new followers.  Use hashtags that are related to your post.  If you are posting a recipe about dairy free product, use the hashtags: #dairyfree #plantbasedeating #dairyfreecookies (or whatever it is you made).  Think of words that people would use to search this item.  This creates a common group as well on the search side.  So when someone puts in a hashtag and searches, they are directed to hashtags that are related or share some of the same words that they typed in.  They can look at all sorts of IG accounts by looking at their pictures and if they find an account they like and is worth following, they follow.  So use those hashtags! Think of it like a family tree. Your product is stump. Each hashtag creates a branch and from that people find you and that creates other little branches so you keep growing and growing. Use ones that are relevant to your product.

Tagging people.  When you are answering a question that was asked on your post, make sure you tag the person who asked it so they know you replied. They will get a notification be able to read it.  use the @ sign along with their IG username.  Mine is @bellapiadesigns.  If you take a picture of something that is related to someone, or a business in someway, tag them so they can see and so your followers have the chance to follow that person if they would like.  Example:  Look at this cool shirt I got in the mail from @soinsobusiness.  Your helping support these people as businesses. If you take a picture of a friend or you want someone to see it tag them. They will be notified and be able to view and comment and repost if they wish.

I hope that helped. Let me know what you think!!

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