Wednesday, July 2, 2014

4th of July...What are you gonna do?

Its been a few years since we have spent the 4th in AZ.  Its hot here and you don't want to be outside unless water is involved.  I tend to drop the ball on little holidays like the 4th, Easter, Valentines day etc...  So My goal was to celebrate them.  Love them.  And teach my kids.  I don't want to just sit around cause that doesn't happen with you have three little kids running around.  They need to be entertained and family time needs to be spent.  I found some great activities that we will be doing whether we are at our house or a friends house.  We are going to eat well and have fun!

First things first.  Husband requested fruit pizza.  Look at these.  Aren't they pretty!? You can get the recipe HERE
Yep!  Those are happenin.  I think you can get sundae glasses from the dollar store. Find the recipe HERE
There is nothing wrong with a little nail painting.  I use the quick dry otpions.  Its just one coat and drys in like 30 seconds.  Total kid proof! 
Shirts are a fun thing to do.  They get their chance to make a mess and create something awesome! Find out more HERE

Fun Lawn Games.  We have a rocky back yard but it will still work.  I love the carnival style ball and cans.  The life size jenga is great for all the kids.  The ring toss into the hoola hoop is cool.  Can easily be converted into a water bucket system.  I plan to by some buckets from the dollar store and label them with various points.  Throw the water toy In the buckets and add up the points.  Whoever has the most point after tossing all their toys, wins!!  There are so many more.  I am grateful for the people who thought of them.  Go HERE for more information and directions for each game.
What you you doing on the 4th! 
We are in the Land of the Free because of the Brave! 

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