Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New Baby Essentials in the shop!

There is just nothing more sweet than that sweet breath and those little grunts.  The little yawn and the tiny toes.  I just can't stay away from these littles.  If you are a good friend of mine and have had a baby while knowing me, then you know I love to give each baby my very own special name.  Meet little "polka" Dot.  Dot is about 8 weeks old and is the sweetest little minute ever.  She reminds me of my kids how they were so dainty and petite.  Up until they were bottle fed.  She is sweet and beautiful so of course I had to ask my new friend, Nicole, if I could borrow her little polka Dot for some newborn pictures.  I love her.  Don't you? 
These blankets come in a set or alone.  Your choice.  Options are there when ordering the product in the shop with the appropriate prices.  Go check them out now!  Also coming soon....Crib sheets!!!

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