Monday, August 11, 2014

Social media series part 2: Posting and giveaways

So last time we talked about some of the first basics of social media. Hashtags and making your profile standout. You can find that post HERE.

Today I am going to talk about how often to post and product giveaways these are very important and will make a good first impression or a bad one. So listen up. Grab your pen and paper and hopefully this will spark some inspiration for you.

How often to post. This one varies by circumstance. A good rule of thumb is once a day. Think about when you check your feed the most. Or what you think people do the most. Me?  Morning and night. To check if I have any questions or comments hat need to be tended to. If I am notifying about an event I do that as often as once a day as a count down thing and then I will post something else throughout the day like I normally would.   Over posting can drive people away especially as a business. Other people will get lost in your feed and one day you'll wonder why you haven't seen anything from Suzy and you head over to her account and see that she has been posting but it is getting lost because of how often people post a day. And we don't want to have to be on IG all day just so we won't miss something. I know I don't like seeing the same people every 5 posts in my feed. So be respectful of others who want to be seen.

Giveaways. They are great and they can travel fast but keep a couple things in mind. Don't have to many businesses be a part of a giveaway. In my opinion 3-4 is a good number. I don't like the ones that have a million people hat you have to go follow and tag and use here different hashtags just to enter and hen comment saying that you did. Keep it simple. It should take 10 minutes to enter a giveaway. Keep your sponsor number under 4 so your viewer can easily navigate to their accounts. Use one hashtag. You will be able to see who has reposted and used the hashtag. No one should have to leave a comment saying they reposted because if they did then it will show up when you track the hashtag. Simple and easy.

Keep those things in mind when posting. You don't want to have people who are going to unfollow you.

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