Monday, August 4, 2014

Tink & Key- A product Review

I love it when I see a great opportunity to reach out to other small businesses and it works out.  There are so many times that I mean well, I mean to get a hold of a certain person from a certain shop, or email this person, try and meet up with this person so we can do a collab.  This time it totally worked out.  Meet Tink and Key.  Home of the famous "Miracle Baby" tee.  There story is great.  Apparel with a purpose.  Spreading awareness through their uplifting, cute, and catchy tees. 
Stephanie asked if anyone was interested in doing a review on product on their blogs.  Amen sister!  I'm your gal.  She shipped a great anchor tee my way immediately.  I couldn't wait to open the package (that was wrapped all cute and amazing BTW)  Have you ever worn American Apparel Brand tees before?  Particularly the triblend vintage tees?  They are a soft, smooth as butter, dream.  Not to mention that it is US made. YAY for the USA!  Come along as I show you a couple of their House Specials and I review their cute Anchor Tee.
I Love the zipper club tee.  For those children who have had open heart surgery.  How cool is that?  I just thinks it helps kids not be ashamed of their physical appearances that are different from others.  Scars are cool.  They tell stories.  This shirt gives them pride.  They conquered a huge mountain just to come out on the other side shining.

Now here is the Miracle Baby tee.  I love it.  There is just something about a baseball tell that gets me every time.  I love my baseball tees.  Even better I love them on my kids!  I wanna eat them they are so cute.  Birth itself is such a miracle.  But We all know those special stories of people beating crazy odds, or surviving un imaginable things.  Again, there is a story to be told.

Now there is the Anchor tee.  I love the simplicity.  The anchor is such a great symbol for so many reasons.  We need to anchor ourselves in so many things in life so we don't loose our way.  It reminds me to find all my little anchors in life that will keep me still and where I am supposed to be.

I love it paired with on of my own designs, the Two faced Pencil skirt.  (Shop on the right side bar)  I love simple, cool graphic tees.  They go with everything.  Even a pencil skirt.  I know they technically don't match, but then again I think anything goes. 

Its a great shirt.  Great message.  Love it.  Go check out Tink & Key.  See what message you can use in your wardrobe.

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