Monday, August 18, 2014

Who wants some Junk? Some Junk in YOUR Trunk!

Its That time of year again to be stuffing your trucks and vans to the brim with great treasures and keep-sakes from Junk in The Trunk Vintage Market.  You know who you are.  You are the mom who has been telling your husband about it and even put it on his icalander for months now just so he remembers that you will be shopping bright and early at 7:30 am and HE WILL be coming along to carry bags, hold your cash and carry out your neccities at the days end.  You are the Business women who has canceled her appointments for the day just so you can make it.  You are the mom who bravely comes with your child in the stroller and your bag packed with fun games and treats and anything else you can bribe/entertain your child with for the rest of the 6-8 hour day.  You know it.  You have done it.  You have been her.  And if you haven't? Then wake up lady!  It's coming.  Just a few weeks away, here in Scottsdale AZ crafters, vintage experts, artists, and small business owners gather and celebrate the beauty of buying local.  Home décor, Vintage junk, New and repurposed junk, reclaimed wood décor, furnature, even painted pianos.  There is something for everyone. 

I have been so lucky to be a part of this great even for a couple of times now and it is wonderful.  I get just as excited to sell as I do to mix and mingle with some of the greatest entrepenuers Phoenix has to offer.  So let me introduce you to some of my favorites that I have had a chance to meet and mingle with.

Now if you don't already, follow me on INSTAGRAM.  I will be having various giveaways to get ready for the market, including a NEW VIP JITT market ticket.  $40 value.  This gets you right through the fast line, NO WAITING< WHAT?, a fresh tumbler full of mama's cold brew, A shopping bag and discounts and MORE!  So hurry over.  Don't miss out. 

To See a video of just what you are in for, and to see a complete list of venfors, click HERE.

Grungy Galz
J LaLa Designs
Jaxn Blvd
Jitt Vintage apparel
Letter Craft
artful Melange
Purdy Things
Royal Bowtique
Rusty Saturday
The Banner Shoppe
Felt Flower Shop
The White House Designs
Yellow Bungalow Shop

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