Friday, October 5, 2012

Body Bags ANyone?

I keep saying everything is my favorite, but it is true!  I love everyting that I have made. 

Newspaper (lots so start saving or collection from your neighbors)
 2 Black garbage bags (per body, I am sure you can buy from the dollar store, but I needed to purchase many many for all sorts of projects for the haunt. I bought the big box of 40 from walmart)
Duct tape or Twine.  (Both can be bought at the dollar store) 
15 minutes or so

Start wadding up newspaper and packing it in one bag really tightly.  Once it is pretty much full, start to form a head.  Use clear tap to tape in the back to grab and place the shap of a head.  Move onto the shoulder and do the same.  Slightly close the bag by pulling of the draw string so no newspaper falls out while you are molding in place.  Form the top half of the body in the first bag.  Fill the second bag with paper and start forming the feet.  Use tape to manipulate the shape of the bag so that it looks like feet.  This may take a few body bags to figure out, but they all will be different and that is great.  Continue up the legs, taping behind to keep the shape.  When it is all stuffed and shaped,tape the two bags together and add more paper ot the torso if needed.  To finish, start taping or wraping with twine to keep the body formed.  I personlly like my twine ones more than the duct tape.

Funny story to go along with the body bags.  So ALlisndria was helping me crumple the paper and put in the bags.  She kept asking what we were doing.  I said it is going to look like a person in the bag all wrapped up.  I just tell her what it is and don't sugar coat anything. 
Later that week I was doing a hair appointment on a client who shares the same excitement about Halloween.  I yelled to Pia, "Pia! Bring in the Body bag!!"
Two seconds later I can hear the dragging plastic on the tile.  I started to laugh when I turned to the door of my salon room and Pia is dragging the body bag.  My client started laughing.  She dropped it and showed her the body.  Pia then continued to tell her how we made it and how it looks like a person inside.  lol.  She leaves the room.  I continue working only to stumble over the body bag.  I yell to Pia again.
my client replies, "well that's not something you say to a 4 year old every day!"  SOOOO FUNNY! 

**let me assure you that my kids are reminded every day when doing halloween projects that this is just for fun and it isn't real.  I don't let them watch scary movies, but I let them help me create my haunted props.  It helps them be aware that it isn't real and they won't get scared later on.  I don't think they will be entereing the Haunt on Halloween, but if they say they want to I will let them. 

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