Wednesday, October 17, 2012

DIY Chevron Wall Painting

Acrylic Paint Craft Paint
Painters tape or masking tape
Paint brush
Permanent marker

I just love how super easy and awesome this project was.  I want to do more!!  Grab your micheals coupons and go get a Canvas of your choice. 

Tape your chevron stripes the size you want them. 

Paint your first color on the canvas.  After it dries peel off the tape.  I added a cream little stripe that I freehanded.  LOVE!

Using a stencil or free hand, draw the first letter of your last name.  I like the look of the bold preppy chevron with the fancy, victorian "R".  Use your permanent marker or pencil.

Then start painting and filling in the space.

I want to make a pillow for my couch like this!

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