Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Giant Spider Egg Sack

So I immediatly pinned this once I saw it!  Low and behold it is a good ole craft from Martha Stewart.  Did you know Halloween is her favorite?  She does a haunted house at her house every year?  Love it! 

  I did a little mini Haunt with my friend last year and her boys.  They have a large side gate area on the side of their house.  We decided last minute to do a haunt for the trickor treaters.  It rocked.  It has been one of my to do's for some time.  Every year after trick or treating with my kids I usually go back out by myself and stalk people in my black cloak.  so fun!!.  So this year if you haven't seen already on my Halloween pinterest board, I am gathering ideas for our Haunt this year.  It is going to be bigger and better than last year and we have a few more boys enlisted to help haunt.  OOOOHHH I am so stoked!
 I made a modification to this tutorial once I made my first one.  Since the Dollar Tree didn't have an egg shaped foam, I used the square adn tried to carve it.  I had to wrap it up in toiliet paper to cover the green color and to make the edges more smooth.  It turned out all right but then I realized I had a plethera of grocery bags. Perfect!!! So I used those for my other ones instead.  I have to make a lot for one section of our Haunt.  This year it is starting in the garage and going all through (its a 3 car garage) and out the side door to the side gate aream then exiting out the gate. 


I have been so lucky to find all our items we need at the Dollar store so far.  So if you go to the sock sectoin you will find kids white Panty Hose/Tights $1
Egg shaped foam (white) or use plastic garbage sacks
Spiders $1 from Dollar store. 
Hot Glue Gun

Your tights will make two sacks FYI.  So cut in half!

Insert your insides. foam, plastic bags etc...

Your kids will love helping and they can't really srew it up so get them involved.  Randomly place spiders inside the tights around the egg sack.  Cut of the ring part if you are using spider rings like I am.  Gather most of the spiders on the bottom.

Now hot glue piders on the outside of the sack starting at the bottom.  Look at Martha's HERE.  It is aweomse with the randomly hanging spiders everywhere.  This is going to totally freak out anyone who has a phobia! 

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