Monday, October 8, 2012

Ghost with Paper Mache mask

I am so lucky to have a couple of skulls and beauty school manequins laying around.  Then we didn't have to do these masks on our own heads.  So whip up some paper mache.  A little flower and water.  Not too thick, but not too runny.  I would say a little thinner than elmers glue.  After it is dry, then carefully peel it off.  IF you are using your own face or a friends face, cover with plastic wrap but make sure to leave holes in the nose for obvious reasons.  Then blow dry it for a minute after each layer to get the processe rolling.  then carefully take it off and lay out to dry.

Paint in your shadows.  I used black, brown, yellow and light peach skin color to acheive all this.  Some allow to dry for a minute in between shaddowing techniques.  Some good ole craft acryllic paint will do!

after it is all dry, fill the head with somehting, spray foam, newspaper or plastic bags light I did so it isn't so empty.  THen attach a wire hanger and secure it to the mask with packing tape.  This is clear so It won't show through the cheese cloth.  I may add a white sheet if I can ge someone to donate one for free so it isn't so see through. 

Apply your cheese cloth.  I also adjusted the head on the hanger to have a little tilt.  Things ar much scarier with a little tilt in their head.

This will be hanging hi up in a corner with a fan blowing on it to make it move.  This will definately be creey in a dark room with the black light.


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