Monday, October 29, 2012

DIY clothing Tags

Its that time of year again for all those sweet craft boutiques and crazy Holiday sales!  That's why I have been absent a little from the blogging and fb posting besides Halloween stuff.  If you remember last year I participated in an amazing even called The Holiday House.  I loved it.  The people, the gifts, the food and fantastic customers who supported all the vendors.  It was a complete success.  You can read more HERE about the event last year. 

With Halloween being so busy with my Haunted House, I need more simple tasks and items to complete for the event this year.  Starting with the clothing tags especially.  Each item has to have a tag on it with our register number.  That is alot for my stuff.  So if it can be simple, and cheep then it is doable...and my handsome love can help me with it! 

So all you need for this simple yet sophisticated project is the following:
-Card stock paper
-your design printed on it.  I used the old picnic that is now on Google+ though the image editor OR you can use which is very simple like picnic.
-hole puncher
-string.  I used Bakers Twine I bought from this SHOP on etsy.  I had plenty left over from last year.
-safety pins
Brown ink pad/distressing ink
this adds a little character but looks great with out it too!

Here is a peek at what I'll be selling this year.  Just a few of the many.

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  1. Oh dear...I think sharing a booth with you this year is going to be expensive for me! :) Can't wait!!