Monday, October 1, 2012

Halloween Spell Book

Saw a couple of these on pinterest but they didn't explain too well how to do it.  They only showed the end result.  This has to be a new favorite of mine!!  You can make one too for really cheap.
Hard Cover Book from Dollar store. $1.  I bought one that was already black under the paper cover that you can remove.  Then I didn't have to paint it.
Water color paints $1 from Dollar store
Sponge Brushes 10 pk $1 Dollar store
Printed Spells.  Copy mine or make up your own!  I suggest you don't google it because there really are people who are into witch craft and it brings up real stuff.  So stay away.  Just be creative!

Now open the book to a center spot you would like to park your spells.  Start by using reds, browns and yellows washed out with lots of water.  Using the sponge brushes makes this really easy and gets the pages nice and wet while spreading around the right amount of color.  Paint all the edges and saturate the edges and corners of all the other pages.  
After you paint, roll in the edges of the pages.  My cute friend made one with me and she held the cover of the book so the pages are facing the floor and rocked it back and forth so the pages go seperated. This makes it look really wethered and old. 

Print your spells.  You may need to cut them after they are printed so they fit the size of your book.

Mod Podge, or glue someway the spell to the book.  Then paint and distress it as well.  Let dry and add any other decoration you wish.  We used red candle to look like blood spill and then a black spider. 


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