Monday, January 28, 2013

DIY Chalk Paint- Refinished Dresser

You have seen the things I have been pinning, you have seen what I have posted on my FB page, You know it was gonna happen...I made it happen NOW!  I am so happy to complete 2 huge project this MLK weekend.  
So glad that after deciding we needed a new TV stand to keep little guy's hands out of, I hopped on craigslist for literally 2-3 days.  Non stop searcing, obsessing, wishing, wondering, comparing all the fun treasures that are offered.  I scored 2 dressers, one $65 and the other $60.  Yay me.  These are hard, sturdy vintage dressers that are built great.

So after finding and purchasing my favorites, I then investigated how to execute my new venture.  Which way was I going to go.  Sanding and priming, cussing and crying? oooooorrrr.....CHalk Paint!?
Yep, you got it.  This girl chose the easy road.  Im also thinking that not too many people around me that have repainted furniture have hear of Chalk paint.  Man is it awesome.  I guess it can be pricey so I found a great recipe after reading about a few different ones.   Chalk paint is great for a distressed antiqued finish peice of furniture.  It sands down quickly on the area you want to distress.  That is why I chose this paint.

Again, I forgot to take before pictures, I do have this one you can see it in the back ground.  See it?  Kinda ugly with fantastic potential??

So the recipe I ended up choosing was this:
for a 6 drawer dresser 1 coat,
2 cups paint & primer
5 TBS Plaster of Paris powder
2 TBS water

Mix water and plaster together til smooth, then add the paint.  Stir well.

Apply paint and watch out for drips, catch them quickly cause this paint dries fast.  Once you finish the first coat you can go back to the beginning and start applying the second coat.  Let dry for an hour.

After it is dry begin lightly sanding the entire surface

Then start focusing on the area you want to distress

wipe down with a damp cloth to remove all the dust, then finish with a finishing wax.  This will seal it.

re apply your handles.  Lucky for me my dresser had all i could have imagined.  Love it!
This peice is replacing my 6 foot table and rubbermaid storage drawers I have been storing my supplies and inventory in.

See that pretty desk my sewing machine is on?  Scored that baby for $40.  I didnt' have to do a thing to it!
The space is prettier to look at now espcially since my office is the living room.

thanks Marshalls for the awesome baskets.  

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  1. Awesome!! What a great find and makeover! Love those baskets, too. :)