Monday, January 7, 2013

Lovely Little things...

There are just some things that are so genius that you can't help but share...well I stumbled upon these cute treasures.  Meet Cassie.  My childhood friend, shop owner of  Between The Lines,  & writer/author/narrator of A Serenade for Solitude.  We go way back to the wee child hood years when Barbies and playing in the pond down the street were regular activites.

She is a lover of books.  She write such beautiful words in her posts, and she makes fabulous things that reflect her love of the written word. 

Check out her cute Chalk Board Erasers.  Totally original idea from her own cute brain.  I saw it pop up in the "recently added in my Favorite Shops" and died.  I immediately bought one and have another on order.  How cute!  She also makes wonderful book marks that make you want to read even if you don't, just so you can mark your place.  Home decor?  Yep, she has that too.  With her beautiful bunting also make from book pages.  So lovely!  Check her out...and buy an eraser.  She will do custom definitions!

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