Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Life just got BETTER

I am totally hearing angels singing right now and a heavenly beam of glorious light has decended upon my computer.  
I found...Ipiccy.
If you used to be a devout user of Picnik, then here is the answer to our problems!!!  ipiccy is basically the new and improved version of picnik, and then some!  If you have no idea what I am talking about then listen up.  Ipiccy is free online photo editing website that allows you to upload your images and use their amazing editing software to make fantastic photos.  There are absolutely tons of neat effects, filters and more.  
Since I am doing a Taylor Swift birthday for my girls this year I wanted to do coloring pages in the take home baggies.
I found some actual coloring pages when I googled "taylor swift coloring pages" and they were kind of lame. They didn't look much like her.  So after trying different photo apps on my ipad, even resorting to some crayola apps that have a sketch feature, nothing was coming to me.

That is when I googled, "how to make a sketch out of a photo".  And there you have it.  Ipiccy came up as a good replacement to picnik.  It is practically the same thing, right on down the image saving pop up window. same fonts, effects, plus.  Oh I am happy so I just had to immediately blog about it.  It is currently 12:26 am Sunday morning.  AAAAHhhh (insert deep breath and sigh of relief)

So here is what you do to get an awesome sketch that you can color.  How cool will you be if you make a whole coloring book of images of your family or of your child's hollywood idol/popstar?  I am pretty stocked myself.  Or if you aren't an artist and love the look of hand drawn portraits hangin on the you go.

Upload your image
click the magic wand tab in the upper left hand corner
scroll down to sketch
adjust as desired
save to your computer

(they are even better printed than the image you see on your screen)

or if you don't want to do all that, just click on my images in this post and save them to your computer and print.

enjoy!  I hope you are now as happy as I am.
Goodnight :)

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