Monday, January 14, 2013

Valentine Garland- Vintage style

After decorating for Christmas I am just in love with decorating my mantle now.  It creates a nice atmosphere in one place without  decorations spread all through out the house in random places.  Mine isn't a real mantle, only just one of those picture frame shelves placed on the wall above my TV, but it does the job.  Now that I am decorating it more, I may use one of my bigger shelves I have stowed away.

Aren't you excited for Valentines?  I have already been browsing Etsy for some great unique gifts for my honey.  Usually I totally wait last minute but I love chillen on the couch browsing on my new mini and so I have been quite productive.

So this fun project, my goal was to use what I got.  Vintage pages I purchased last year was the first thing I had in mind when I saw my friends vintage pages pendant in her etsy shop.  Then also browsing over pinterest, a lot of the stuff was too busy or cutsie for me, but they still inspired some ideas.  

If you need some pages you can get them on Etsy for pretty cheap.  I purchase from HERE, HERE and HERE.  They can be used for so many things.  I still have a ton left over.

vintage pages
hot glue
hemp twine/ribbon or bias tape

find the center of your page and use it as the point in your triangle

cut from each corner to the center

cut some hearts which ever size you wish

glue the hearts on the paper

I alternated hot pink and maroon felt hearts

hole punch to hole at the top of each pendant

run your twine/ribbon through the back of the holes then out the front on each side

I hot glued the twin to the paper on the back so they wont slide around

I did an extra touch by gluing little bows to each pendant

Simple and sweet, I will add to my mantle and keep you updated as I do so.  Remember my Christmas chalkboard?  I love changing it with every holiday or whenever I want it to look different!  See the other pictures?  I did those a couple years ago.  Got the idea from Better Homes and Garden magazine.  Its just fabric!

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