Monday, January 21, 2013

Dreamy Anthro treasures

Don't the knobs make you want to open a cupboard or a cute yellow drawer? I have been searching on Craigslist the past two days looking for a antique style desk to us as a tv stand, an old desk to use as a sewing table, cute little end tables and such. I have found some fantastic deals and I am anxious to start the refinishing process. I have never done it before. I a in desperate need for color in my house. Now that I have found some great ideas on Pinterest, I am beyond happy for my new venture. There are one great deals to be had. I just wish that Craigslist would add a "add to wish list" button so you can keep your favorites organized when trying to decide. Right now I have about 10 windows open on my iPad mini waiting for responses back from their owners. I'm excited to keep you updated. What is your favorite furniture refashion?

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