Thursday, January 31, 2013

Nursing Cover & Scarf in 1...wish I had this when I was nursing

Totally wishing right now that either I had this when I was nursing 6 months ago, or wishing I was having another baby soon.  That won't be happening for a while if at all, so all I can do is wear it the 2 ways, as a blouse and scarf, instead of a nursing cover.  A blouse and scarf you ask?  Yep  This is a three in one product.  I know your day just got better didn't it?  Well let me make it even MORE awesome by telling you this project takes all of 10 minutes!  No I didn't stutter...yes 10 MINUTES!  You can thank me in a comment at the end of the tutorial ;0).

You ready for this glorious discovery?

you will need the following:
1 yard of CUTE knit fabric that you would wear.

yeah, that's all :0)

The fold is at the bottom

the fold is at the bottom

hello!  A scarf too?  A shirt/ nursing cover and scarf!  Fantastic!!

These lucky things will be added to the shop soon!  I am recruiting my much better looking friend to model with her babe.  

Monday, January 28, 2013

DIY Chalk Paint- Refinished Dresser

You have seen the things I have been pinning, you have seen what I have posted on my FB page, You know it was gonna happen...I made it happen NOW!  I am so happy to complete 2 huge project this MLK weekend.  
So glad that after deciding we needed a new TV stand to keep little guy's hands out of, I hopped on craigslist for literally 2-3 days.  Non stop searcing, obsessing, wishing, wondering, comparing all the fun treasures that are offered.  I scored 2 dressers, one $65 and the other $60.  Yay me.  These are hard, sturdy vintage dressers that are built great.

So after finding and purchasing my favorites, I then investigated how to execute my new venture.  Which way was I going to go.  Sanding and priming, cussing and crying? oooooorrrr.....CHalk Paint!?
Yep, you got it.  This girl chose the easy road.  Im also thinking that not too many people around me that have repainted furniture have hear of Chalk paint.  Man is it awesome.  I guess it can be pricey so I found a great recipe after reading about a few different ones.   Chalk paint is great for a distressed antiqued finish peice of furniture.  It sands down quickly on the area you want to distress.  That is why I chose this paint.

Again, I forgot to take before pictures, I do have this one you can see it in the back ground.  See it?  Kinda ugly with fantastic potential??

So the recipe I ended up choosing was this:
for a 6 drawer dresser 1 coat,
2 cups paint & primer
5 TBS Plaster of Paris powder
2 TBS water

Mix water and plaster together til smooth, then add the paint.  Stir well.

Apply paint and watch out for drips, catch them quickly cause this paint dries fast.  Once you finish the first coat you can go back to the beginning and start applying the second coat.  Let dry for an hour.

After it is dry begin lightly sanding the entire surface

Then start focusing on the area you want to distress

wipe down with a damp cloth to remove all the dust, then finish with a finishing wax.  This will seal it.

re apply your handles.  Lucky for me my dresser had all i could have imagined.  Love it!
This peice is replacing my 6 foot table and rubbermaid storage drawers I have been storing my supplies and inventory in.

See that pretty desk my sewing machine is on?  Scored that baby for $40.  I didnt' have to do a thing to it!
The space is prettier to look at now espcially since my office is the living room.

thanks Marshalls for the awesome baskets.  

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Taylor Swift Birthday Part- Back Stage VIP Pass

The big day is coming up this weekend and I am so excited for my girls.  We don't throw them parties but every other year.  Bella has never really had a birthday party so this will be her first.  And to my happy advantage the both wanted a Taylor Swift naturally I decide to do it combine! Yay for me and them.  
I thought of the Taylor Swift party idea one day while rocking out in the van to none other than "Never Ever Getting Back Together".  Looking in the rear view and watching my girls totally rocking out with big smiles on their faces.  Dead serious, Allisandria acts like she is in a music video every time she sings, so it is quite the scene when she does.  Right then it dawned on me.  Taylor Swift Red party.  Everything red!  
I hopped online to my favorite addiction and started pinning rock star party ideas.  Someone had done VIP passes on lanyards!  I inquired about the cost of lanyards to my sister you has her own company selling promotional items to businesses, she is the one who gave me the idea to just use contact paper, and shoe laces!  Holy Canoli, awesome!
So I headed over to the Dollar Tree and found me some shoelaces 1 8 pack was plenty.  Each bundle has 2 laces.  I already had contact paper.

make and print on card stock, TSwift for the girls, and Rock stars for the boys

So lay out a large peice of contact paper sticky side up.  Make and print your VIP passes on card stock, cut them out and lay them on the paper evenly spaced.  Then lay another peice of contact paper over the top sticky side down so everything is sandwiched.  

Next, cut around each pass leaving about 1/4 inch and press and seal really good so they don't peel apart.

Hole punch about 1/2 inch from the top

Gather your awesomely cheap shoelaces

run them through the hole in the pass

Tie a not close to the end and your done!

these little beauties will be handed out at the door when guests arrive with their Taylor Swift tickets I made.  I'll show those in a later post!

Another fantastic find was to make Taylor swift coloring pages like I did HERE, then buy a big pack of crayons from the dollar store and wrap them in rubber bands from the dollar store!  Party favors just got more fun, more cheap, and more genius!

Don't you want to throw a Taylor Swift Party now?

Monday, January 21, 2013

Dreamy Anthro treasures

Don't the knobs make you want to open a cupboard or a cute yellow drawer? I have been searching on Craigslist the past two days looking for a antique style desk to us as a tv stand, an old desk to use as a sewing table, cute little end tables and such. I have found some fantastic deals and I am anxious to start the refinishing process. I have never done it before. I a in desperate need for color in my house. Now that I have found some great ideas on Pinterest, I am beyond happy for my new venture. There are one great deals to be had. I just wish that Craigslist would add a "add to wish list" button so you can keep your favorites organized when trying to decide. Right now I have about 10 windows open on my iPad mini waiting for responses back from their owners. I'm excited to keep you updated. What is your favorite furniture refashion?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Valentine Garland- Vintage style

After decorating for Christmas I am just in love with decorating my mantle now.  It creates a nice atmosphere in one place without  decorations spread all through out the house in random places.  Mine isn't a real mantle, only just one of those picture frame shelves placed on the wall above my TV, but it does the job.  Now that I am decorating it more, I may use one of my bigger shelves I have stowed away.

Aren't you excited for Valentines?  I have already been browsing Etsy for some great unique gifts for my honey.  Usually I totally wait last minute but I love chillen on the couch browsing on my new mini and so I have been quite productive.

So this fun project, my goal was to use what I got.  Vintage pages I purchased last year was the first thing I had in mind when I saw my friends vintage pages pendant in her etsy shop.  Then also browsing over pinterest, a lot of the stuff was too busy or cutsie for me, but they still inspired some ideas.  

If you need some pages you can get them on Etsy for pretty cheap.  I purchase from HERE, HERE and HERE.  They can be used for so many things.  I still have a ton left over.

vintage pages
hot glue
hemp twine/ribbon or bias tape

find the center of your page and use it as the point in your triangle

cut from each corner to the center

cut some hearts which ever size you wish

glue the hearts on the paper

I alternated hot pink and maroon felt hearts

hole punch to hole at the top of each pendant

run your twine/ribbon through the back of the holes then out the front on each side

I hot glued the twin to the paper on the back so they wont slide around

I did an extra touch by gluing little bows to each pendant

Simple and sweet, I will add to my mantle and keep you updated as I do so.  Remember my Christmas chalkboard?  I love changing it with every holiday or whenever I want it to look different!  See the other pictures?  I did those a couple years ago.  Got the idea from Better Homes and Garden magazine.  Its just fabric!